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43/600 WindPower turbine

Technical Data
Nominal power(kw) 600
Cutin wind speed(m/s) 3.5
Nominal wind speed(m/s) 14
Cutout wind speed(m/s) 25(10minutes mean value)
Survival wind speed(m/s) 70(3s mean value)

Rotordiametet(m) 43
Rotationalspeed(rpm) 17.9/26.8
Blade material Glass fiber
Blade length(m) 19.1
Blade number 3
Swept area(m2) 1466

Type Three stage with planetary and spur
Nominal power(KW) 645
Ratio 1:56.56

Brake system
Primary Brake System Three individual Tip-break
Secondary Brake Stystem 2mechani calbrake on the high speed shaft

Primary Brake System Three individual Tip-break
Nominal power(KW) 600/125
Nominal voltage(V 690

Yaw system
Type Active yawing
Yawing speed(0/s) 0.34

Control stystem
Controller Type Plc
Typetubular steeltubular Tubular steel tular
Tower height(m) 38.5/48.5
Nacelle 22T
Rotor 13T
Tower 47